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Statia - St. Eustatius

Visiting Statia

The Island  

St Eustatius, or ‘Statia’ as the locals like to refer to this beautiful Caribbean island, is located between the islands of Saba and St Kitts, immediately south of St Barths. Where Statia used to be part of the former Dutch Antilles, Statia is now a special municipality within the Kingdom of The Netherlands.

Once a major trading centre with over twenty thousand inhabitants during the 17th and 18th centuries, today the charming island of Statia is most famous for its diving sites, which are considered one of the best in the entire Caribbean. Statia’s landscape is dominated by the volcanic cone of the dormant Quill volcano, which houses a unique tropical ecosystem. The Quill volcano is a popular hiking destination, offering stunning ocean views and forming a perfect whale watching site during season. The rain forest inside the crater, with trees reaching up to 40 metres, attracts bird-watchers from across the globe.

Once being the only link between Europe and the fledgling American colonies, Statia played a crucial part in the colonial history of The Netherlands. Still today picturesque Oranjestad is marked by many beautifully restored colonial buildings, most notably the Dutch fortress ‘Fort Oranje’.

Unlike popular tourist destinations such as St Maarten, St Barths and St Kitts, there is no mass tourism on Statia. With holiday accommodation on the island being generally quite basic, each of Knippenga Estate’s luxurious villas offers a unique retreat and forms the perfect Caribbean getaway.


Statia has a tropical climate. Temperatures would generally range from 29°C (85°F) to 22°C (72°F) in January and 32°C (90°F) to 24°C (76°F) in July. Due to Knippenga’s location approximately 200 metres above sea level, temperatures at Knippenga are generally a bit cooler especially at night.

How to get to Statia  

Winair operates 5 daily flights from St. Maarten. Flight time is approximately 20 minutes. This service allows passengers to make connections in St. Maarten with regional and international carriers, including Caribbean Airlines, LIAT, KLM, American Airlines, Continental Airlines, US Airways and Air France. The Airport code for St. Maarten is SXM & for Statia EUX.
Winair website:

Knippinga Estate has a private jet available. For more information contact

How to get to Knippenga Estate  

Knippenga Estate is located on the slopes of the Quill volcano, about 20 minutes by car from Roosevelt airport. The road to Knippenga Estate is quite bumpy so a jeep or van will be best option to rent for a stay in one of the villas.

How to get around on Statia  

There is no bus service on Statia, so renting a car is useful if you want to explore the island (which can easily be done in a day). With a valid foreign, or international driving licence, you are allowed to drive a car on Statia. Browns Car Rental (tel: 318-2266) Vans are available for US$50. (MasterCard accepted)


- Fort Oranje
- Synagogue Ruins
- Sint Eustatius Museum
- Government Guesthouse
- The Miriam C. Schmidt Botanical Garden

For the adventurous visitors

- Hiking the Quill
- Scuba Diving, website:

Where to eat

- Old Gin House, website:
- Blue Bead Restaurant 
- Smoke Alley Bar & Grill